Protect Taxpayers’ Money

Just because government takes some of your hard-earned money, that doesn’t make it government’s money. It’s still your money and we must protect it.

As a CPA, I was trained to protect finances. I will bring my knowledge of the profession into the county and institute safeguards for taxpayers’ money, so the people of Will County can be confident knowing there is a professional working behind the scenes to safeguard your money.

This is vital because families are already paying too much in taxes. Our taxes are too high, giving people less money to spend on groceries, gas, activities, even their children. The last thing taxpayers should have to endure is their money being handled improperly and potentially being wasted.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening due to a lack of oversight. The Superintendent of the Will County Veterans Assistance Commission recently awarded a $500,000 no bid contract that basically required no work product—it was essentially a giveaway of taxpayer dollars. After this came to light, she resigned. The only reason we know about it is a citizen FOIA, the county board didn’t vote on it, the treasurer says they have no oversight (despite the law saying they do), and the auditor says they don’t audit the VAC unless the VAC requests an audit. This is unacceptable. When I found out, I joined the commission so I could help provide oversight.

We need controls in place to prevent fraud and mismanagement of funds. We need multiple people reviewing budgets and signing off on spending so there are checks and balances when it comes to spending taxpayer money. And we need leadership setting the tone at the top holding everyone to a high standard.

I will collaborate with those in charge of budgeting and auditing in Will County, meeting regularly to discuss ongoing issues with money in the county and ensuring things don’t fall through the cracks. I will ensure there are protections around money that is spent and sent out to the various taxing bodies in the county. And I will ensure plans and activities are fully followed through, avoiding unnecessary situations like a recent tax delinquency mailing sent by the treasurer that arrived so late it created significant frustration and confusion for taxpayers.

To be entrusted with the taxpayers’ money is a massive responsibility. As your Will County Treasurer, I will ensure the county takes that responsibility as seriously as they should.