I am a CPA & Financial Professional Who Will Protect Will County Taxpayers’ Money.

When I first came to this country, I had nothing. My parents didn’t have a lot of money, we didn’t even really know how to speak English. But we were so grateful to be Americans, we knew we would have a better life here.

There is nothing I wanted more than to be an American, so when the military recruiters called with an opportunity to serve the country that has given our family so much, I jumped at the chance. After returning home from serving in the Navy, I looked for ways to continue making our country a better place. I became a CPA to protect the public and their money, working at an auditing firm then starting up my own financial services company.

In that time, I’ve watched our tax dollars be spent with no accountability, and sometimes even be wasted. When challenges arise, I’ve seen politicians pass responsibility and refuse to step up to solve problems. As a veteran, CPA, and problem solver, I couldn’t just be a social media activist anymore, I needed to step up and do something about it. That’s why I’m running for Will County Treasurer.

As treasurer, I will protect taxpayers’ money. As a CPA, I was trained to protect finances. I will bring my knowledge of the profession into the county and institute safeguards for taxpayers’ money, so the people of Will County can be confident knowing there is a professional working behind the scenes to safeguard your money.

This is vital because families are already paying too much in taxes. Our taxes are too high, giving people less money to spend on groceries, gas, activities, even their children. The last thing taxpayers should have to endure is their money being handled improperly and potentially being wasted.

I will also eliminate wasteful spending. I will analyze and scrutinize the county’s spending, ensuring we are staying within budget and no money is being wasted. I will work to make our county government more efficient.

I will also push for the consolidation of the county’s treasurer and auditor offices. This reduces costs for taxpayers, increases transparency, and makes it easier to protect taxpayer funds. This consolidation would result in the elimination of either the auditor or treasurer’s position, and if that means I have to lose my job, then so be it—it’s the right thing for the taxpayers.

Finally, I will increase transparency. Taxpayers have the right to know where their money is being spent. Yet in Will County, it’s extremely difficult to find how your money is being spent, and when you find the right reports, they’re so complicated even financial professionals like me have trouble understanding them.

True transparency means when the average citizens wants to find information, they can find it easily and it makes common sense. That’s the level at which we should be providing information to the public on where their money is going and what they’re getting out of it.

To be entrusted with the taxpayers’ money is a massive responsibility. You need a treasurer who is prepared for that responsibility. The incumbent treasurer is not a CPA, he’s a politician and an insider who is not professionally qualified for the role. I’m a CPA, a veteran, and an outsider with a proven history of protecting public funds.

Please, vote for me for Will County Treasurer so I can get to work protecting your hard-earned tax dollars.